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Symson the Printer's House, Cowgate
Symson, Andrew (b.Circa 1638, d.1712)
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Symson, Andrew
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b.Circa 1638, d.1712
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Associated Person
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Andrew Symson
Wilson, Daniel (b.1816, d.1892)
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Wilson, Daniel
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b.1816, d.1892
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Daniel Wilson
Sir Daniel Wilson was born in Edinburgh in 1816 and studied at Edinburgh University. He went on to an academic career that spanned the disciplines of English, history, archaeology, ethnology and geology. He was also a gifted artist - energetic and ambidextrous (seemingly so that he could work twice as fast to accomplish all that needed to be done). In 1848 he published 'Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time', an important study of old Edinburgh extensively illustrated with wood engravings after his own drawings and watercolours. The one shown here appears facing page 104 of volme II, and shows the house once occupied by the renowned printer Andrew Symson. Many other of Wilson's originals are in Edinburgh University Library. In 1853 Wilson moved to Canada to take up an appointment as Professor of English and History at the not-yet-constructed University College Toronto. Later he served as president both of University College and the University of Toronto. Although he was professor of English, Wilson was an important figure in the early history of archaeology. He of was one of the first to realise the implications of both Hutton's and Darwin's discoveries for the study of human history, and to describe this new area of study he coined the word 'prehistory'. In 1862, three years after Darwin published 'On the Origin of Species', Wilson produced his two-volume opus, 'Researches into the Origin of Civilisation in the Old and New World'.
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