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University of Edinburgh Collections

These collections display highlights of the resources of the University of Edinburgh Library, principally from within Special Collections. At present we have almost 12,000 images in the system with more being added on a regular basis.

Among the types of material included are examples of:

- Architectural Drawings, including William Playfair's original drawings for Old College

- The calotype photographs of Hill and Adamson, two of the early pioneers of photography.

- Oriental manuscripts including the World history of Rashid Al-Din, and the Chronology of ancient nations of Al-Biruni, from the 14th century A.D.

- The Walter Scott Image Collection, based primarily on the visual materials and realia contained in Edinburgh University Library's Corson Collection

- The University of Edinburgh - people, places and events

Direct link to media group: Religion In Medieval Scotland (no longer a discrete collection).

Where possible, the images are publicly available under a Creative Commons CC-BY licence. This is clearly marked on the front pages of the relevant collections, and on the requisite images.

If you would like to re-use any non-CC-BY images, please contact the Centre for Research Collections (is-crc@ed.ac.uk) where staff can advise you of the copyright status. Further information can be found on our Image Licensing webpages.

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