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A large part of the Oriental Manuscript Collection consists of Arabic and Persian manuscripts. Arabic manuscripts include commentaries on the Koran; traditions of the Prophet and Imam; prayers; law, general history and biography; medicine, mathematics, philosophy and ethics; and, grammar, rhetoric, poetry, prose, tales, dictionary, and controversy. Persian manuscripts include theology, history, biography, and travel; mathematics and astronomy; ethics, poetry, music, composition and proverbs, tales and romances; grammar and dictionary; and, agriculture and war. The Arabic and Persian manuscripts include the World history of Rashid Al-Din, and the Chronology of ancient nations of Al-Biruni, from the 14th century A.D. Hindustani manuscripts include history; poetry and tales; and, astrology. Turkish manuscripts consist of material acquired in Astrakhan and includes several early Ottoman texts, divans of Neva'i and items of dialectical interest. Included in the Oriental Collection are around 100 bundles or parcels of Buddhist works on palm leaves in Burmese, Pali, Sanskrit, Siamese, Tamil, and Tibetan. There are also Sanskrit charters on copper plates, and Oxyrynchus Papyri.

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